Company Background

ABC Pet Resort & Spa is a multi-service pet care center situated on three wooded acres in Houston, Texas, and has been owned and operated by Suzanne and Al Locker since 1991. The Lockers realized that their individual businesses, ABC Pet Resort and Turnkey, Inc. were constantly collaborating with Al's design and build clients regarding many different topics, including pperations and how to manage a pet center.

After years of consulting with hundreds of people who were thinking of starting their own pet center, Suzanne, Al and ABC General Manager, Jennifer Wolf-Pierson, saw the growing need of these start-ups to have a place where they could find the management training they needed to staff and run a pet center. Potential pet resort owners and operators needed first-hand knowledge of how to manage these unique pet businesses…a place where they can watch operations and engage with real staff members to see what is really required to run a successful resort.

In 2018, Suzanne and Jennifer created the Pet Care Facility Management Boot Camp program to provide a working classroom where the management side of pet care businesses could be learned.

Meet Our Team

30 Years industry experience view courses

Conducted in Houston, Texas, at ABC Pet Resort & Spa, your personal training will focus on all the specific areas necessary
to have a successful business and best practices for quality pet care.

Jennifer, Suzanne and the team open their books and their hearts to you! Suzanne F.
We offer our 30 years of experience in
the pet care industry to help shape the
future of your facility into a success.