What an amazing week! The knowledge I acquired this week is invaluable.

— Syvera O'Pharrow

I recently completed the 5-day bootcamp at ABC and highly recommend the course. Jen and Suzanne are well prepared and informative, and the program provides discussion with the staff and hands-on experience. After the course, I feel much more confident in my knowledge of the industry in order to ask critical questions to suppliers, vendors and contractors. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking for in-depth operations information and instruction. The staff are welcoming and kind.

— Christina Holtz, Florida

Julie and I are so glad we came to ABC. We had fun and learned a ton!

— Jason Burcham, DVM, North Carolina

My partner and I just completed our pet business boot camp and could not be more pleased with what we experienced. For starters, we learned how much we didn't know about the operations of the pet care business even though we diligently researched it. Not only did we come away with so many new ideas and strategies for making money we actually revised our business plan based on our findings. Anyone who is looking to get into this business will find the class eye opening, informative, engaging and fun. If you're worried about the cost trust us when we say you will more than make up for it with the new profit centers you learn about at camp. Jennifer, Suzanne and the team open their books and their hearts to you! We highly recommend this investment in your future success.

— Suzanne Freeman, New Jersey

The truth is, Suzanne and Al have a unique set of talents and experiences. Anyone considering opening a pet resort should call them!

— Greg Taylor, CEO Mason Company

I attended the Pet Care Boot Camp and am fully confident that I will be able to successfully manage my own pet resort that will open in 2019. Jenn and Suzanne are full of ideas and were able to teach me A to Z what I will need to know. I learned about best practices for daycare, boarding, grooming and customer service. They also taught me about scheduling, staffing, hiring, cleaning protocols, things to do to avoid mistakes, servant leader management style, how to keep employees, creating an accounting list, and how the facility should be designed. Their vast experience in this industry is invaluable to me and the curriculum was organized and thorough. I will always be grateful for ABC Pet Resort opening their doors to me.

— Mindy Burns

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What an amazing week! The knowledge I acquired this week is invaluable. Syvera O.
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