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2021 IBPSA Flow Business Conference Speaker

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2020 Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo Speaker

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2020 IBPSA Speaker

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2020 Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine Article: Implementing Written Systems and Operations

By Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

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2020 Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine Article: The Value of Written Systems & Operations

By Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

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2019 IBPSA – Speakers: Retrieve Results! Choosing and Managing the Services You Offer

Presented by Jennifer Wolf-Pierson and Suzanne Locker

What happens after the reservations are booked, add-ons are made, and the spa services are scheduled? This seminar will benefit start-ups and established pet care facilities as well. Join us as we discuss a step-by-step guide to:

  • Identify which services to offer.
  • Implement service-specific operational procedures.
  • Manage consistent sales and operations performance.

Palm Springs Presentation (for Attendees only)

2019 The Dog Gurus Webinar: Setting Up Your Operations System – The Four Basic Steps to Consistency and Quality of Care

Presented by Suzanne Locker and Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

On this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to identify needed procedures
  • Create written instructions
  • Understand how to test for accuracy
  • Develop a training program for your people

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2018 Pet Boarding & Daycare Seminar: Puurfect Cat Lodging

Presented by Suzanne Locker

Want to add cat lodging in your center or grow your existing cat business? Learn how to attract the best cat owners with functional and appealing accommodations for their cats. We'll review best practices and how to make your cat lodging enjoyable and stress free for all of your cat guests, as well as increasing profitability.

2018 Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine Article: Offering a Health Care Warranty in Your Resort

By Suzanne Locker

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