Meet Our Team

Suzanne Locker, CEO

Suzanne has owned and operated ABC Pet Resort & Spa in north Houston since 1991. She has been an active member of several industry-related groups, including the International Boarding Pet Services Association (IBPSA). She served on the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) Board of Directors for 8 years and the association President for one year. She Co-Chaired the ABKA Volunteer Facilities Accreditation Committee, which was responsible for revising and updating the standards for professional pet care centers. These standards continue to be used as the guidepost for safe and efficient operations for pet care facility, pets and staff.

Throughout her career, Suzanne has spoken for numerous conferences on various topics ranging from Staff Management to Efficiency and Safety. In 2007, she and her husband, Al, were the key-note speakers for AusBoard 2007, Australia's national conference for the pet boarding industry held in Cairns, Australia. In 2003, Suzanne began consulting on Operations with her husband, Al's design and build clients. She continues doing public speaking for different conferences in the pet industry.

Jennifer Wolf-Pierson, General Manager

In 2016, Jennifer was added to the ABC team as the new General Manager. Jennifer earned her BS in Agricultural Science at Colorado State University, and is proudly one of only fourteen Certified Professional Animal Care Operators (CPACO) in the country. This certification is provided by the independent Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) and covers animal care topics, operations; staff, business and financial management, customer relations, and marketing. Jennifer has experience in both small and large animal facility operations and experience in leading large teams of 30+ employees. Her excellent leadership and business skills have elevated the ABC team to new heights.

Al Locker, Jr., President – Turnkey, Inc.

Turnkey, Inc. has been involved in the animal industry for over 30 years, starting in the 1980s with the construction of three animal exhibits at the Houston Zoo. Al's experience continued in 1991 when his wife, Suzanne, bought and began operating a successful commercial pet resort in the Houston area. During this time, Al developed his pet care knowledge and combined that with his design and construction skills to draw plans and build a new facility to house their own pet care business. His continuing education in the pet care industry, along with years of hands-on experience, led Al and his team to understand the specific and unique needs of companion pets and pet care operations. Since then, Turnkey has designed over 80 pet facilities, including full-service pet resorts, dog day care centers, and veterinary clinics in the Houston area and nationwide. Of the numerous facilities Al has designed, Turnkey has completed the construction of 18 pet businesses in the Houston area. Al also consults with start-up business owners, helping them with feasibility, demographics and business plans before their actual projects are ready to start.

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